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We create excellent photographs of Realtors' listings tailored to your marketing message and the listing's strong points. All in one package for your MLS, your web site, and print media:

We can also do these for you:


How do we create your photographs?
To ensure your wishes are met, one artist is responsible for your entire listing from walk-through to final production. They listen to you, make suggestions, create proofs, edit proofs, and deliver your products. Few can match this level of service.

How much do we charge and how do you pay us?
Please see our pricing page. Normally payment is due when we make our visit to your listing. We only accept cash and checks or we can arrange to bill your brokerage.

Can we post your photographs on the MLS?
No. We are not members of any MLS and we are not Realtors. But we can guide you through the process.

How much lead time do we need?
One or two days depending on weather and our workload. More is always better but we will work with you to meet your listing plans.

How do you get your proofs, photos, brochures, etc?
We will email you a link where you can view your proofs online. If you wish, share the link with your client. We normally deliver finished photo and other files using Dropbox but we can deliver via email or CD if that works better for you.

How do you request changes to proofs?
Once you have reviewed your proofs, email your changes. Each proof is identified by a caption. Please include the caption so we know which photo to change.

Do we charge extra for "photoshopping"?
Not usually. We usually remove extraneous items, blemishes, etc. as long as there is no misrepresentation of the property itself.

How do you get your slide show?
We will send you a link that you can paste into your MLS, your web site, etc. The show is hosted on our server which is up 24/7.

What are the photos' dimensions?
We deliver photos as JPGs that are 1,024 pixels on their short side with a resolution of 300 px/inch. This is more than enough to meet MLS requirements and they print very well in brochures and other media. We can adjust these specs to meet your needs.

Is there a price break for established clients?
Yes! We always value repeat business. We can also work with you and make special arrangements. Just ask.