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Welcome to Hearthstone Photography

Professional photographs that build your business by attracting buyers to your listings and sellers to you.
Our mission is to create photographs that implement your marketing plan in 3 ways: emphasize individual selling points, present key features of each room, combine photographs into a visual narrative that represents the listing. Each home has a story and we want to tell it to your buyers. When the story is told, the listing will sell sooner and that success builds your business.
The standard package takes you from on-location to online virtual tour. Starting with on-location photography, we provide you with proofs, MLS-ready photographs, a virtual tour hosted on our server, plus our distinctive pencil sketch. Normal turn-around time is 24 – 48 hours. If you have special requirements, we will work with you to provide them.  See our Standard Package.
Realtors in Northern Virginia demand superior quality and marketing support. We deliver it every time.
Three things make a quality photograph: composition, lighting, and technique.  Plus a more elusive quality: the ability to tell a story. We make 3,500 finished photographs for Realtors every year. Each tells a story and they combine into a listing's narrative. Our experience shows that shoppers respond by becoming buyers.  See our portfolio.
Although we will go nearly anywhere, most Realtor assignments are in Northern and West Central Virginia.   Assignments have also taken us to North Carolina, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  See our service territory.
You are our client and we want you to be part of the process. Your input matters.
You tell us the listing's selling points during the walk-through. Before we set up the camera, we strive to understand what you are selling. This becomes the narrative. The next steps are photography, processing, proofing, and delivery.  We do not bulk process listing photos because it breaks the continuity from your marketing concept to the marketing materials we deliver. Our workflow flier shows you how you fit into this process. See our workflow flier (PDF).
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