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Hearthstone Blog: Tips, Tricks & Miscellany

Our blog contains some of the tips and tricks we use when we make photographs for you. Articles include explanations of our techniques and observations about the real estate market - a third party perspective if you will. These are presented as PDFs that you can download if you wish. New articles will appear every month.

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How Many Photographs Do You Need?
What is the correct number of photos for your MLS listing?

What Time Tells Us
How the photographer allocates time tells you why the person who takes the photos should process them.

Photo Shoot Preparation
A checklist and tips for the shoot based on listings we have seen. Use this checklist to get the most out of the shoot - and the most value for your dollar.

Videos & Doll Houses: Worth Doing?
Do videos and 3D ('Doll Houses') win listings or sell houses for more or in less time?

Realtor's Narrative
How to incorporate photography into your listing presentation and how your MLS photos can turn off shoppers.

The Real Cost of Mediocre Photos
Find out how mediocre photos hurt you, the Realtor, by asking what you are paying for and what your photographer can do for you.

Learn how photoshopping listing photos can support your marketing plan. Relatively small edits can pay big dividends.

How Much Should You Pay The Photographer?
Some things do affect price and some do not and some are just hype. Here are a few things to think about when considering price.