Good enough is not good enough.

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Who We Are & How We Got Here

Hearthstone Photography has a simple mission: provide Realtors with photographs that sell homes. Buyers today, especially millenials, begin real estate shopping online, a medium that is primarily visual. Photographs of a lesser quality put sellers, and ultimately you the Realtor, at a disadvantage. High quality photographs make listings stand out, resulting in quicker sales, more Realtor success, and therefore more business.  Hearthstone has photographed detatched homes, townhouses, and condominiums in Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  Asking prices range from multi-million dollar estates to handyman specials. Some have sold at the first open house and some on the first day of listing. Buyers often report that the showing was due to the photographs.

Previously, Hearthstone did business as Ron Capone Photographer. It is a division of Ronald L Capone & Associates which has been in business since 1991.  Visit us here to learn more.

Photography is Ron's lifelong passion, along with deep respect for nature and the desire to share his vision. His formal training took place in Northern Virginia and Zone VI studios and he has exhibited frequently in addition to accepting commercial assignments. Ron grew up in Arlington, Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia.

Before converting to digital imaging, Ron used 35mm, medium format, and large (4x5) format film cameras. After moving to digital, he assembled a variety of software tools provided by Adobe and NIK along with selected specialty products.  Using his knowledge of data processing, he has automated Hearthstone's workflow to reduce many processing tasks and allow more time for crafting individual images.  You benefit by getting photographs that better serve your marketing needs.

Ron's other passion is turning data into information in fields as diverse as energy, environmental programs, risk management, and public safety.  Clients include federal and state agencies, associations, and private sector firms. Leisure interests include backpacking and mountaineering, birding, bicycling, shooting sports, and related outdoor activities. Ron is an avid reader in a wide range of subjects. Previously, Ron has been a planning commission member, a member of an industrial development authority, and a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  He was also a Realtor in North Carolina.