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These images, taken from recent shoots, are typical of the photographs we will create for you. Each of the eight galleries is a slide show. Select the gallery you would like to see by clicking the photograph. Galleries include both real estate and creative images. These will change on a regular basis. Please come back often.

Foyers & Stairways: The first thing a buyers sees inside a home.
Living Rooms & Family Rooms: Public spaces that set the stylistic theme.
Curb portraits, front doors, back views and other exteriors from shoots done during 2015.
Interior photographs from front hallways, living rooms, kitchens, baths, and other rooms.
Street Images: Things and people you see on the street every day.
Film Noire: Through a lens darkly. Experimental images.
Roads, Fences & Windows: Images found while driving through Virginia and Maryland.
Machinery: Trains, agricultural tools and odds and ends found from North Carolina to Maryland.

Our "pencil sketch" is a distinctive JPG that looks like a hand-drawn graphic.  Many Realtors use them in brochures or as a framed closing gift.  We think they make your marketing materials stand out. We make two kinds of sketch, black & while and color highlight.  Here are examples of each.


Slide shows, or virtual tours, are hosted on our server for three months. We send you a link (or "URL") which you can paste into your own site or your MLS as needed. We normally use all of the JPGs to create the tour but we can remove images or change their order to meet your requirements. If you need us to host the tour longer than three months, simply let us know.

We can change the appearance of your slide show in many ways: size, transition, speed, background, etc. We can also give you a branded version.

We photograph a listing in an order that minimizes your on-site time and ensures that we photograph every important feature in 2 hours or less. We always start with a walk-through with you. The diagram shows how we photograph a typical home starting with the foyer and ending with the back yard. This is also the order in which most potential buyers walk through a home.

Within 24 to 36 hours we will email a link to your proofs. Click here to see an example of a proofset.

Our workflow has been refined to give you the most efficient service we can provide. Click here to view and download our workflow flier. The flier also lists abbreviations we use to identify rooms on your proofs plus some important dos and don'ts.