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Client Services

Our standard package meets the needs of nearly all Realtors for nearly all listings. If you need different services, we will provide them if we can.

How We Photograph Listings

We follow a fixed procedure for each photo shoot so you know what to expect every time. It also helps us maintain high quality and efficiency.  You benefit from both!  Our workflow flier explains our procedure and lists abbreviations we use as captions for your proofs and file names for your JPGs.

We photograph rooms in the listing in an order that minimizes your on-site time and ensures that we photograph every important feature in 2 hours or less. We always start with a walk-through with you. The diagram shows how we photograph the typical home starting with the foyer and ending with the back yard. This is also the order in which most potential buyers walk through a home.

The artist who photographs your listing on-site processes the photographs. We do not mass-produce the images that you rely on to market you client's home. Bigger photo services cannot do this.

See note on For Sale signs and branding.

Our Standard Package

The standard package includes photographic materials needed to list on your MLS and your in-house web site; and to create brochures and other marketing materials.

Proofs are provided online. We will email a link to the proofs on our server. Clicking the link takes you there.  Nobody else can view your proofs.  Once you review and approve them - or request changes - we produce the remaining parts of the package.
Here is an example proofset for a listing in Northern Virginia. For a larger view of any image in the proofset, click the image.

See a typical proofset

JPG files are sent to you in a way that is convenient to you. Most clients prefer using a commercial service called Dropbox (see for details). We can also deliver them on a CD or send them as email attachments. JPG sizes and resolution can be changed to meet your needs.  Just let us know.
Sizing your JPGs is important when uploading to an MLS. We size to meet specifications of MRIS by making the short side 1,024px. We currently use a resolution of 300px/inch, which is more than enough for printing of brochures and other promotional media.
All JPGs are unbranded and have no copyright marks. If you need branded JPGs - with your name, phone number, email, logo, etc. - we can do that.

Virtual tours are hosted on our server for three months. We send you a link (or "URL") which you can paste into your own site as needed.  We normally use all of the JPGs to create the tour but we can remove images or change their order to meet your requirements. If you need us to host the tour longer than three months, simply let us know.

You can configure a tour as you wish by choosing a transition format: slide show, fade in, flash, or "Ken Burns".  (Photos are the same.) Click one of the links below to play an example. You can stop the tour at any time by clicking on the tour. You can also step through the images as you wish.
Our "pencil sketch" is a distinctive JPG that looks like a hand-drawn graphic.  Many Realtors use them in brochures or as a framed closing gift.  We think they make your marketing materials stand out. We make two kinds of sketch, black & while and color highlight.  Here are examples of each.

You have a perpetual, world-wide license to use our JPGs to market your listing and your services as you see fit. There are no renewal fees or "drop dead" dates.  We only ask that you not sell them without our consent.

Something For Your Listing Presentation

We want to help you win listings by giving our clients a free addin for your listing presentation. The addin emphasizes the use of professional photography as a marketing tool for selling your prospect's home. The presentation can be built to meet your specific needs. This is one of the many ways for us to help your business. And our way of saying thanks.

The addin can be delivered in printed form or as a Power Point file or as a pdf file that you can print yourself or add to your web site. Addins are printed on semi-gloss photo paper. Click here to see an example.

If you would like to access the presentation directly, copy this link to your browser or embed it in a web page or other document:

Please call with your questions.  This is a token of our appreciation.

Quality Promise

If you are not happy, we are not happy.

Your satisfaction matters. Please review your proofs. If you wish, send the proof link to your client and have them review the photographs also. We will make any changes you like within reason. But, there are some things we cannot do simply because they are impossible or would constitute willful misrepresentation.
Some MLS services regard Realtors' For Sale signs in photographs as branding. Realtors have been fined for including legible signs. If possible, we compose photographs to exclude signs. Where this is not possible, we remove signs from photographs by "Photoshopping". Finally, if neither is possible, we will blur the logo, etc. to make them illegible.